Why Did I Start My Best Boss Ever” Blog?

Why Did I Start this Blog – My Best Boss Ever
Recently, I just completed a book; “My Best Boss Ever” and I wanted to share some of the insights that I discovered by conducting the hundreds of interviews with people about their ‘best bosses.’ I asked them two simple questions, ‘who is the best boss you ever worked for, and why were they the best boss?’ What made them the best boss of your lifetime, not a perfect boss but your best boss? So I would love to start a dialogue around that idea, what are best bosses? This will be a tool that managers can use to improve their skill sets. I call it ‘office voyeurism.’ A chance to look at what other people consider important about best bosses. Managers, and supervisors need all the help they can get in challenging times, and these ideas can help managers, leaders and supervisors be better at doing their jobs.

Who is or was your best boss? Why were they your best boss ever? Feel free to add your perspective.
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One Response to “Why Did I Start My Best Boss Ever” Blog?”

  1. Joe Parvinski Says:

    The thing that stood out, for me, about my most successful manager was the way she could identify exactly what motivated her team members. If, like me, people were extremely competitve, she turned every project into a competition with clearly defined goals and “prizes”.

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