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My Best Boss Book was Read During the Rose Bowl

February 23, 2009

Joe Leek read “My Best Boss Ever” during the Rose Bowl commercials. Now that is multi – tasking. Here is a list of some of the ideas that made him cheer. Thanks for the feed back Joe, I hope you have a great year being a best boss ever!

“As I watched the Rose Bowl parade and all the bowl games yesterday I read your book during commercials.  Today, I made notes on what I read and placed them on the January 1, 2009 page of my Franklin Planner.   Thank You for making me a better person.  I attended your Overland Park seminar this past year.”

It is great to hear from folks who have read the book. Here are some of the ideas Joe learned from the book. Enjoy.

What is your resolution for being a better boss?


Rory Rowland 1/1/09

Never eat lunch alone

Negatives up positives down

Am I being critical or am I being developmental

Management by interacting and walking around “what can I do to make your jobs easier or better.” If people do not want to see you or you do not want to see them you are already in trouble.

Calm under crisis “what went wrong, is it fixed, can we create procedures from keeping it from happening again

Leave a legacy. More interested in promoting than being promoted.

Be on their life’s board of directors

Be an Arbiter “each side state their case, but before they respond they must state the other side’s position.

Compliment “short, sweet, soon, sincere, specific

Know the hopes, dreams, wishes and aspirations of your employees. Ask the hard questions. What are your expectations? What is the reason we are doing _______?

Anger, reset to zero

We learn by example

Successful people mirror, match and model success:

To improve teamwork this manager will

When faced with adversity this manager will

When explaining a concept this manager will

To keep control of an unruly group this manager will

To reinforce important behavior this manager will

Employees respect this manager because

Avoid the heart attack “when you think about firing them more than coaching them – fire them.”

Do not do worker’s work. Let them do it. Show them, teach, them, coach them and let them

Have compassion. Sometimes, you are all the person in front of you has and they are looking to you for answers.

Go the extra mile, under promise and over deliver.

Ask your customers what they think. They will tell you.

If people do not want to see you, or you do not want to see them you are in trouble.