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Standing Water is Poison

February 4, 2010

My Best Boss Ever was a person who said “Standing water is poison.”  What he meant is if your career is standing still stir up the water.  Make something happen, get more education, don’t just stand still. A gentleman on a plane shared with me that his best boss was dedicated to lifelong learning. He said “when my career stalled during this past recession, he brought me into his office and quoted Sun Tzu.  ‘In times of peace prepare for war, and times of war prepare for peace.’ So he encouraged me to go back to school.  He said the pressures are less now with the slow economy, and you will have more time to concentrate on higher education. So I took his advice”  18 months later with MBA in hand he is better prepared to .  Now with MBA in hand he is better prepared for promotions into upper management. He said my boss was right “standing water is poison.”

He went on to share this question “Does your boss encourage your professional growth?”  He said a good manager or boss shares the successes of their employees. Setting up subordinates for success whether it is through mentoring or continued learning to reach the next level should be every manager’s goal. If your boss ignores your requests for further training or tells you that you are wasting company time, s/he is not being supportive of you or the staff.  Personal professional growth within the company should be encouraged, not discouraged.  Don’t stand there stir something.