A Simple Observation

A young man in his 30’s shared these observations with me.

My best boss was successful with the team because of how she identified the strengths of the team, and then used those strengths to motivate her team. If there were people who like competition, she made it a game. If they were people who like analysis, and deep thinking about a project, she put them in charge of the details. If there was someone who was outgoing, and gregarious, guess what, they became the project spokesperson.

In comparison, my worst boss simply drudged on with his team without changing his style to get the most out of her team-members. Be fair, and treat everyone the same was his mantra. My parents had the wisdom not to treat all of us the same. If you manage people it is your job to go for optimal performance. Don’t just make them fit your mentality – everyone is different. Look for their unique talents, and look for what will make them shine.


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