Be Supportive by David J. Mervin

To get rich never risk your health.  Health is the wealth of wealth.”   Richard Baker

The best boss I ever had, Bill Jaeger, had human empathy; he created a team spirit and he was animated and kind, but incredibly focused. He was driven by success, but he wanted us to be successful too.

I had just received the position of Vice President in my company four months back. The expectations and responsibilities were massive, to say the least. I came home one night to learn that my wife had been diagnosed with cancer. I knew that the industry was too fast paced to take off weeks, much less months at a time, so I went in to talk to the owner of the company about my resignation.

As I walked in, he could obviously see the turmoil on my face. I told him that my wife was diagnosed with cancer and would undergo treatment soon. He clearly felt my grief. He asked how my wife and I were doing and I simply said, “Scared to death.” He listened to me tell him what was going on, the prognosis and the plan of action. Finally, I offered him my resignation, to not prevent the company from suffering.  He looked me in the eye and said, “You go take care of your family and when your wife gets healthy, you come back. Your job will be here.”

I would have worked for the company for nothing after that.

I went home and told my wife the news and she started to cry, knowing that we belong to a corporate family that was willing to be there and be a support system for us. The knowledge that we had that kind of support from my company made everything easier.

 My wife went through the treatments and the surgery in flying colors.  True to their word, the company welcomed me warmly after it was all said and done.


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