Find the Funding

“In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.”   Flora Edwards

 The best boss I ever had was while I was in college.  I worked my way through school on a work-study program.  My boss had many likable traits, but two reasons stand above the rest.  First off, he held a very flexible schedule for me.  This allowed me to easily work around my class schedule.  The second reason was that he understood my incredible desire to finish my college degree.  He did not just see me as an employee, but as a person working to be better.

During my senior year, the work-study program ran out of funding.  I immediately began to have fears about how I was going to pay for college.  My boss called me into his office and informed me that the funding may soon run out, but that he would see what we could do.  With this one initiative, he started applying for grants to allow me to fund my college education. He was successful in attaining the necessary funds and I was able to complete my education.

I will always be grateful for my boss, who took an interest in me.  The initiative he took enabled me to finish my education and go on to become successful.  My sense of gratefulness will never be extinguished.  Because of his influence, my life was improved forever.


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