Leave a Legacy by Arnold Sandbothe

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.”  William Shakespeare

 I have worked for some of the best-known managers in some of the largest organizations represented in my trade association.  However, none of them stand out as my best boss ever.

In fact, my best boss ever was a manager from central Missouri who was in charge of a small financial institution.  Rarely did she have more than six or seven people on her staff at one time.  However, her talent was not in the number of people she led, but in her ability to turn her staff, no matter how small, into leaders and managers.

She would instill in them the belief that they could take over a key and significant role in an organization.  She was able to guide six employees to become CEOs of other financial institutions.  That is why she was the best manager I ever saw.  She left a legacy and helped six other people achieve accomplishments that they may never have achieved without her help.

My wish for all managers is that at their retirement party, people will come up and say, “Because of your belief in me with your coaching, mentoring and support, I was able to achieve…” Of course, you can build buildings and build a lot of wealth, but on your deathbed, the question you will ask yourself if you helped build people.  Did I leave my organization and community better than I found it?

That is the essence of a real manager—a true leader.  It is someone who helped be the difference in the lives of others.  If you can do that, you can leave this world knowing you made a difference.


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