Rory Rowland is a business consultant and seminar leader specializing in programs on communication skills, management, and a score of other topics. After serving as president of two financial institutions and earning his CCUE, Rory began using his communication skills and his wealth of knowledge on various topics to empower others to succeed.

He is a frequent speaker for state and national associations. Rory holds a MBA in finance from University of Missouri at Kansas City , and a B.S. degree in Economics from C.M.S.U. He lives in Independence, MO with his wife and 4 children.

Rory is one of the highest rated speakers at national and state conventions all over the US. When you need a speaker for your conference or association, please give Rory a call.

Rory offers the following consulting services to his clients.

  • Strategic Planning sessions
  • CEO compensation and benefit review:
  • Visionary Board Process – where the Board moves from being and operationally focused board to being focused on the big picture. This is done by education, and a policy revamp process:
  • Entertaining Speaking engagements for a number of clients.

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